Modern day businesses are evolving and becoming more complex with their attendant challenges to organisations in achieving their set objectives. As such it becomes important for businesses to outsource their internal audit to complement with the in-house control department.

A strong, strategic Internal Audit framework integrates compliance, controls and sophisticated risk management with your mission, vision, and stakeholders’ expectations. As such, it can help you shape a new governance and risk elements in order to add vales to your business while anticipating issues, increasing your effectiveness and efficiency of operations, eliminating duplication, and identifying areas of potential performance improvement.

Our Internal audit service will also help you deal with compliance issues to laws and regulations. This is because no matter how large, small or diversified your organisation is, almost every part of it is touched by a complex web of evolving regulations all of which are subject to enforcement actions and fines with their attendant reputational risk

Our Internal Audit Services

At MEO professional services, we offer internal audit services of the following kind:

  • Risk assessment & evaluation
  • Analysis of business operation & information
  • Develop strategic plans
  • Development & improvement of internal controls
  • Internal audit report on findings and recommendations
  • Follow up on reported findings at appropriate intervals